2019 CFAC

Too funny!


Emceed by the very funny Miriam, a former Las Vegas talent giving a fabulous performance at 2019 CFAC.

Comedy meets magic


Markus Kublin was a hit with his classic flavor of comedy magic. He is a CFAC veteran and a real crowd pleaser!

Hilarious magician


Mose s Silbermintz worked as a writer for the Tonight Show for 20 years to prepare for his 2019 CFAC performance. My sides still hurt from laughing so hard!


2019 CFAC

What a huge success! The 2019 Conjuring for a Cure (CFAC) surpassed our previous fundraising  record for any Slow-Motion Magic event,  but raised awareness and created big smiles. The pre-show EXPO rocked with raffle prizes and up-close magic, not to mention mention pizza!

The success of events like these is an important part of the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s formula for funding valuable Parkinson’s Disease research. 100% of the proceeds from CFAC goes directly to Parkinson’s Disease research. At Slow-Motion Magic, we are committed to raising awareness with a belief that it’s awareness that drives research, and research will lead to a cure.