About S.M.M.


My road to Parkinson's awareness through magic.

   A native of Detroit, MI, Dovid Rabotnick has always been fascinated by magic and sleight of hand.

   In 2013 Dovid was diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson’s which sent his life into a tailspin.  Nearly every aspect of his life changed as the disease progressed.  Basic daily routines became interrupted as he was forced to use his non-dominant hand to do nearly everything. Dovid assumed his magic days were over due to the loss of dexterity and slowness of motion which are symptoms of this specific type of Parkinson’s.  


   Instead of giving up his passion of magic, however, Dovid realized that he could adjust his technique and would just have to be twice as good.   Slow Motion Magic was born. Dovid hopes you enjoy the tricks as much as he does performing them.  

For more information on Parkinson’s Disease, please visit https://www.michaeljfox.org/