About S.M.M.


My road to Parkinson's awareness through magic.


    It’s called Slow-Motion Magic - you get it? You see, we call it that because… Oh yeah. I know, if you have to explain a joke it’s really not funny, but the truth is, this is not so much funny as it is clever. My name is Dovid Rabotnick. I’m a loving husband, a father of two, a med-surg nurse, a magician, and yes, I have Parkinson’s Disease. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: how can I be a nurse or a magician if I have shaky hands? One of the big misconceptions about Parkinson’s Disease is that it’s all about the shaking. The truth is there are plenty of other symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, and in my case it’s muscle rigidity and slowness. My left side moves slower than my right side, thus Slow-Motion Magic. Now you get it, right?

    With my love of magic, thank you David Copperfield, it’s not surprising then when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2013, I chose to use cards as my physical therapy. “You have to use it, or you’ll lose it.” the doctor said, so when it came to my dexterity, I naturally chose cards as my own physical therapy. Looking back, I really wasn’t very good. In fact, I was horrible. A lack of skills didn’t stop me though. I decided to use magic as a catalyst to raise Parkinson’s Disease awareness, and Slow-Motion Magic was born.

    Initially, Slow-Motion Magic was simply videos on YouTube, but soon it turned into live performances. I performed at Venice Beach, the local mall, and assisted-living facilities. People would come for the magic, because everybody loves magic, but they walked away with information on Parkinson’s Disease, and information is power. I believe to my very core that awareness fuels research, and research will find a cure.


    Slow-Motion Magic (SMM) is in the process of planning its third year producing the annual Conjuring for a Cure magic show benefiting the Michael J Fox Foundation. A multi-magician magic show raising funds for Parkinson’s Disease research. We closely aligned ourselves with the Parkinson’s Disease Association of America in order to distribute literature and educate people about the true life-altering Disease PD really is.  

    At SlowMotionMagic.net you’ll find links to valuable resources, information on Parkinson’s Disease and its effects, merchandise which contributes all of its proceeds to Parkinson’s awareness and research, and upcoming events where you can show your support for PD awareness and research. Oh yeah, you’ll also find magic videos, over a hundred of them. Some of them arguably not the greatest pieces of magic in the world, and some of them pretty darn good. Let us know which are your favorites.

    If you’re a school, religious organization or community event planner, consider Slow-Motion Magic to set up a table at your next event. We’ll do some magic, educate your community and don’t forget the laughs. What else could you ask for?